catherine gignac

E-commerce web designer focused on creating elevated user interfaces for desktop, tablet & mobile.

hi. i'm catherine.

i consider myself a retail marketing, editorial & e-commerce web designer and have a passion for clean, subtle design. my style is simple. sophisticated fonts, simple color palettes, clean lines & tons of white space.  

i pride myself on holding jobs with companies that i am passionate about so that i look forward to coming to work every day. it may be cliché, but it's true. i want to wake up every morning and head to the office with an underlying emotional connection to my work. i'm not just an employee, i'm a customer.

my work-life balance consists of practicing and teaching hot power yoga; bringing my personal aesthetic to life via decorating, photographing, collaging, and attempting to cook; spending a summer day at the pool and then grilling out with friends; reading a book on my rooftop at dusk (favorite author is cheryl strayed. read "tiny beautiful things" — trust me.) or tearing sheets from glossy editorial spreads from magazines.

my creativity doesn't start and stop on the screen. i try to make every facet of my life an outlet for what i see, perceive and experience as beautiful.